Wembley - Soccer Drill

Good soccer drill to work on an individual’s overall game. Allows the player to work on the both attacking and defending elements of their performance. Best implemented when there are between 5-7 players.

Required Equipment
Equpiment - Football coaching sessions Equipment - Soccer coaching sessions Equipment - Coaching sessions Equipment - Goals
x At Least 1 Not Essential x Good Supply x 1
Area Additional Equipment
Pitch Area - Soccer Drill Depends on number of players Additional Info - Football Training None
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This Soccer Drills Key Factors
  1. Defending Factors; Create a Barrier, Forcing Play & Tackling
  2. Attacking Factors; Attitude, Movement & Finishing
Starting Position

One player goes in goal, the rest spread out with the designated area. The goalkeeper begins with the ball.

Organisation for this Soccer Drill 

The goalkeeper plays the ball out into the area, and all the other players now become active. They must contest for the ball and attempt to score. Once a goal is scored, the scorer proceeds to the next round. They then sit out at the side of the pitch until all but one player has scored. The player that does not score is eliminated. Everyone who had scored then returns in for the next round. Players are continually eliminated until there is an overall winner. Then the game can restart with everyone included again. To make each round, and the game longer, the amount of goals that need to be scored before progressing can be raised to 2 or 3.

The shooting range can also be restricted. For example a player can not score from within the 6 yard area, unless they are following up on a rebound.

Deflected shots that result in a goal are awarded to original shooter and not the individual it deflected off.


A great fun soccer drill for players of any age.


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