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As it is widely understood and appreciated that your role as a soccer coach is so much more than just conducting football coaching sessions or executing soccer drills. Therefore the content of this site is delivered through a variety of specially categorised sections and sub-sections - to ensure every aspect of football coaching is covered. However be aware that none of these sections occur in isolation within your role but instead they all interconnect to construct the entire soccer coaching process. Therefore it is essential you have a genuine and solid understanding of each of them, if you are going to reach your full potential. Please not the terms football and soccer are used throughout the site, whether referring to soccer drills, football training exercises, soccer nutrition or football fitness - after all they are one and the same!!

Soccer Drills

Over 550 Soccer Drills / Football Training Sessions 

Sessions: Arguably the most important aspect of your role is to conduct football training sessions. This section contains an extensive list of football sessions ranging from fun kids soccer coaching sessions to content included within the 'A' Licence syllabus. Also included are patterns of play, warm ups and set pieces. Enter this section To view Qualification Topics, please click here

Football Fitness Fitness: The ability for a player’s body to successfully cope and complete the tasks asked of it during both a soccer match and soccer drills is essential at any standard. This section focuses on all the aspects of fitness from testing the player’s physical condition to planning and implementing specific programmes. Enter this section

Soccer Coaching Nutrition

Nutrition: An individual’s daily diet is an integral component of a healthy lifestyle. For a soccer player their diet can either impair or enhance their performance during soccer matches or even soccer coaching sessions. With that in mind this section contains the nutritional breakdown of hundreds of food items, general diet approaches and specific meal ideas so that it provides you with all the information you need to educate their players. Enter this section

Football Training Injuries

Injuries: It is an unfortunate yet inevitable fact that players may experience injuries at some stage while under your supervision, either during a football match or a coaching session. Therefore it is necessary that you understand how to prevent and minimise such injuries occurring, while knowing how to react if such incidents do arise. Enter this section

Soccer Refereeing

Refereeing: Not only is refereeing one of the most scrutinised roles in football it is also a crucial one. This section allows coaches to fully understand the roles, obligations and actions of the referee. After all if you, as a coach, do not know this information how can you possibly educate your players?! Enter this section

Soccer Exercises Child Protection

Child Protection:The area of Child Protection is often surrounded by feelings of fear, anger or inadequacy, mainly due to the fact that the average person involved with soccer coaching knows only a little about the topic and this is knowledge often gained from the headlines of the press. This section seeks to rectify this by supplying information on all of the relevant concepts and procedures. An invaluable section for any coach that is conducting soccer coaching sessions with young players. Enter this section

Football Training Articles

Articles: This section contains specially complied articles and studies to provide you with detailed information. The articles within this section not only cover the other sections within the site but also incorporate sports science, the actual process of football coaching and how to conduct effective football coaching sessions. Each article is written in a way that is easy to understand and comprehend, while providing the depth of information required. Enter this section

Soccer coaching sessions Additional Information

Additional Information: This section is specially designed to supply information that does not fall directly into any of the other coaching sections. Expansive and detailed, this section provides tools and accessories that when used correctly can increase, enhance and improve the overall coaching performance delivered. The content of this section varies greatly and includes scouting and planning, how to start up a football club or a soccer coaching class and equality issues. Enter this section

Football coaching sessions Forum

Discussion Forum: A place designed to allow you to discuss and exchange philosophies, opinions and approaches with other coaches. This is a very useful tool to discuss ideas and concepts with coaches from other countries, cultures, backgrounds and methods, a great way to learn something new. Just calling it soccer coaching or football coaching are not the only ways football coaching sessions vary across the world, so let us teach each other! Enter this section

Soccer coaching sessions Shop

Shop: Sadly this section of the website is not yet fully functional, however there are enough soccer drills and football training information to keep you occupied for the time being. Enter this section

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